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 20130316 Kenji's family


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He comes from a single parent family.

I don’t how to parent the explosive child.

Jill has never seen her father since she was born.

My mother has a green thumb.
Ashley’s brother is sick so she needs to stay at home and takes care of him.

His uncle will move to London next month.

Kenji and his family
Kenji lives in LA. He studies at Jackson Adult School. He is from Tokyo .
He is 18 years old. He is average height and thin.
He has black hair. His mother says he is very handsome.
He lives with his parents , his sister , and his two brothers. He likes being with his family. His family is important to him. On Sunday , his aunt visits from Providence. She is very friendly. They eat breakfast together and go for a walk in the park.
After the walk, they call kenji’s grandparents . His grandparents live in japan. Everyone takes a turn and talks.
Kenji’s grandfather is very talkative. Later , the family plays games together. Kenji likes the unites states but is sad sometimes because his grandparents are not here with him.
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20130316 Kenji's family

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