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 20190108 【 Common Courtesy While Driving 】-1


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Common Courtesy While Driving

Showing respect for other drivers doesn't take much effort.

For example, allowing someone to merge in front of you can make a big difference during the morning commute.

Allowing other cars to cut in front of you slows you down.

Not really. Everyone is sharing the same road.
So we need to be mindful of other vehicles.

You're one to talk. You ride a scooter.

Scooters are always zooming past me and squeezing in between larger vehicles to pass them.

That can be dangerous,but it can also be dangerous for scooters to be stuck on the road between cars or buses.

Tailgating is a serious problem.

Tailgating is only an issue if people are not paying attention while driving or have bad brakes.

I don't know about that.

I feel nervous when car is really close behind me.

The driver could easily put some space between our vehicles.

If you're that worried about driving etiquette make you should just take the bus more often.

Or maybe i should get a new job as a traffic officer.


You're one to talk.
Look who's talking.

Leo zoomed straight to the basketball court after school.
A motorcycle zoomed past us and almost hit one of our friends.

lane splitting

A truck kept tailgating my car on the freeway which made me really mad.

Social etiquette dictates that younger people should refer to older people by titles , not with their names.
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20190108 【 Common Courtesy While Driving 】-1

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