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 20181210 【 Giving A Presentation 】


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Giving a Presentation
How to give a presentation people will remember

Most people have to give a presentation at some point in their lives.

But not everyone knows how to give one well.

Here are some ways to make your next presentation shine.


The art of crafting a great presentation begins with planning.

Before you do anything else, think about the goal of your presentation.

This should be more than just presenting facts.

Maybe you want to inspire people or to persuade them of an opinion.

Whatever you're trying to do,share your message in one to three points.

Once you know your presentation's goal, you can start planning it.

If you're doing a slideshow, remember the 10-20-30 rule.

This says that slideshows should contain at most 10 slides.

The slideshow should last no more than 20 minutes.

And the slides should use 30-point font or larger.

This stops you from putting too many words on slides.

Your slideshow should add to , not replace, what you say aloud.


These jade vases were crafted by gifted artists of the Sony Dynasty.
The scene in the movie was beautifully crafted by the director.

persuade of /to
The sales rep tried to persuade her customer of the important of buying this product.
Emma persuaded her dad to buy her a bike for her birthday.

It took a lot of persuasion by Amy for her parents to allow her to sleep over at her best friend's house.

rule of thumb
As a rule of thumb, i check all my emails.

You need to pay an extra fee to download these special fonts.

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20181210 【 Giving A Presentation 】

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