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 20181101 【 Underwater Museums 】


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Underwater Museums
Enjoy art in an underwater world

Some people find visiting ordinary museums to be a bit dry.

Luckyily for them,
there are unusual museums to check out, such as underwater museums!

How can you visit and what can you see?

Many underwater museums are supported by companies that offer guided tours.

A trained guide leads groups around a stunning underwater display of statues in each museum.

Depending on the depth of the museum, visitors may be able to view the sculptures from a glass bottomed boat or by swimming on the surface.

Other underwater museums are deeper and are most accessible to scuba divers.

Why are the museums underwater?

Underwater museums have many functions.

One of their main objectives is to create an artificial reef environment where sea creatures can live.

That's why some of the museums are located in areas that were damaged by hurricanes or are considered underwater "deserts."

The statues in the museum are designed in a way that encourages the growth of coral and plant life.

Over time , the statues and plants attract more and more fish to the area.


dry = boring
The TV program is very informative, but it's a little dry for younger viewers.
The lecture is full of dry, academic terms and phrases.
The teacher's dry voice made the students sleepy.

The function of the security device is to detect any unusual movements.
This supplement claims to be able to boost body functions in a matter of hours.

The main objective of the training is to help the trainees overcome stage fright.
The sales department is working hard to meet their monthly objective.

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20181101 【 Underwater Museums 】

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