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 20181022 【 School Clubs 】


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School Clubs
Find the right club for you

School today offer more than just classes.

Many also have clubs or other extracurricular activities that meet after school.

These activities give students a place to learn new things , share common interests and meet new people.

There are clubs for all kinds of interests.

Students who like computers can join the computer club.

Students interested in plants and animals can join the science club.

And students who enjoy writing can join the club that puts together the school newspaper .

They can write stories about their school or current events.

Students who like helping people can join clubs that visit sick or physically disabled people.

And students who care about the environment can join clubs that clean up local parks and encourage recycling.

Students who play instruments can join the school marching band.

It performs in parades or at school events.

And students who like to act can join the school's drama club and be in plays.

No matter what
students are interested in, they can usually find a club for it.


Fiona used to attend lots of extracurricular activities when she was in college.
Ted spent a lot of reading extracurricular books.

The swimmer was dragged away from the shore by strong currents.

one's cup of tea
Golf is not my cup of tea.
Golf isn't really my cup of tea.
Golf really isn't my cup of tea.

The recycling bins were painted in different colors by classification.

community service

no matter what
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20181022 【 School Clubs 】

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