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 20181009 【 Dude Perfect 】


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Dude Perfect

Today , DP tops the YouTube channel charts in the United States.

They have over 30 million subscribers and their videos have been viewed more than 5 billion times worldwide.

While making their videos, they have spent time with some of the world's best athletes and shattered several records.

Doing it right

Some people claim their videos are fake - which the dudes take as compliment.

"If people are thinking that there is no way it could actually be done in real life, then we're obviously doing something right,"says Tyler.

The secret to the accuracy of their shots is no secret at all - a lot of practice and a competitive spirit.

They don't give up until they master the trick.

"There hasn't been a shot yet that we haven't been able to do ,"say Cory.

Now in their ninth year, there is no end in sight for DP.

Their videos are just as creative and explosive as ever .

Thanks , DP , for reminding everyone how fun it can be to get together with friends and try a challenge.


The building's windows were shattered by the bombing.
His dream of becoming player was shattered because of his knee injury.

compliment on
Alan got a compliment from his teacher on his essay.
I'll take it as compliment when people say i'm strong/frugal.

mad skills
He showed some mad skills during the game.

The pitcher's speed and accuracy improved greatly after spring training.

The witness gave an accurate description of the kidnapper.

There has been an explosive increase in our sales since last season.
The police found an explosive device tapped under a truck.

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20181009 【 Dude Perfect 】

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