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 20181001 【 Should you stay home when you're sick? 】


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發表主題: 20181001 【 Should you stay home when you're sick? 】   周一 10月 01, 2018 3:57 pm

Should You Stay Home When You're Sick?
What should you do when you're sick?

Carl and John work at the same company.
Their daughters are classmates in junior high school.

Carl thinks his daughter should be in school every day.
On the other hand, John thinks it's OK for his daughter to stay home if she is sick.

Sarah told me that your daughter missed (= fail attend) three days of school last week.

Is everything OK?
everything is ok.

Tammy was running a fever for a few days, so she stayed home from school.

But she is better now.
Was it a high fever?

No, it was around 38 degrees Celsius.
But we thought it was better for her to stay home and rest.

Are you sure that was the best decision?
It's important for students to be in school.
Otherwise, they really get behind.

It's not a big deal for Tammy to miss a few days of class.
She wouldn't have been able to concentrate anyway.

That doesn't mean she shouldn't be in school.
School attendance is really important.
You don't want her to get in the habit of skipping class for every little thing.

junior college

On one hand.....on the other hand

take off the face mask

run a fever

high fever / low fever

under the weather  = I'm not feeling well.
I was a bit under the weather yesterday.

The highest temperature today will reach 32C.

How do you convert 90 degrees Fahrenheit into Celsius?

concentrate on / concentration
Operating such machinery requires total concentration.
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20181001 【 Should you stay home when you're sick? 】

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