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 20180820 【 Take care of your spine 】


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Take Care of Your SPINE

Exercise is also an important factor in the health of your spine.

Stretches can help the muscles around your spine relax and allow bones to shift into better alignment.

Strength exercises with light weights or bodyweight exercises like pushups can also help by strengthening the muscles around your spine.

However,don't overdo the exercise , as repeated motions can strain the muscles around your spine, as can trying to lift heavy weights with poor technique.

Your diet also affects the health of your spine because many vitamins are necessary for bones and nerves.

In particular, B vitamins and mega-3 fatty acids help keep nerves healthy, so you may want to consider taking a supplement.

Another important factor is vitamin D, which is imperative for strong bones.

Vitamin D can come from some foods, but it's also absorbed from sunlight, so it may help to do some of those back exercises outside.

Ultimately , many of the actions necessary to keep your spine healthy are identical to those used to preserve your health in other ways.

So protect your back, and the rest of the body will benefit.

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20180820 【 Take care of your spine 】

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