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 20180812【 The Man with the Coconuts 】


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The Man with the Coconuts
It pays to listen

Juan had been working hard for hours.

He had been hired to harvest coconuts.

He started early in the morning before the sun came up.

He traveled in the dark to get to the grove where the coconuts grew.

All morning he had climbed up and down the coconut palms.

He tied his machete to a long rope.

Up the tree he climbed.

He then pulled up the sharp machete on the rope.

He cut the coconuts from their high branches on the tree.

He dropped each coconut to the ground.

Juan loaded all of the coconuts into large baskets.

He then fastened the baskets to the back of his horse.

It had been a huge and exhausting job.

It should have taken him several days to harvest the fruit.

Yet he was done by the time the sun was at its highest in the sky.

Rice can be harvested twice a year in this area.
After years of hard work, the research team harvested several important breakthroughs.
Continuous rain was the main reason for poor harvest.

The farmers started to chant as they were harvesting in the lemon grove.

bear fruit

forbidden fruit
He has diabetes, so ice cream is his forbidden fruit.

Make sure fasten the seatbelt before airplane take off.

unload from the truck

exhausting resource
exhausting oneself
to be exhausted by something / from to doing something

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20180812【 The Man with the Coconuts 】

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