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 20180716【 Bryce Dallas Howard 】


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Bryce Dallas Howard
This actress with a famous last name is making her own mark in Hollywood

Many young girls adore their fathers, and Bryce is no exception.

Her dad is her mentor, and she says it's because of him that she's acting today.

Her father,Ron,is an award-winning director and former actor.

In fact, Bryce was born into a family of actors, including her grandparents, an uncle and both parents.

That means Bryce is a third-generation actor.

Some might assume that Howard's parents pushed her into the profession because of her impressive family history in acting.

Instead, they raised Howard, her brother and ester in rural Connecticut, far from the Hollywood limelight.

There, the kids experienced a normal childhood.

They also learned the value of work, doing things such as cleaning out the goats' barn, repairing the roof and more.

But Howard wasn't kept away form her father's business entirely.

She spent a lot of time on his film sets with famous stars such as Tom Hanks.

It was this exposure that helped Howard realise movie-making is less about being famous and more about hard, fulfilling work.

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20180716【 Bryce Dallas Howard 】

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