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 20180430 【 International Jazz Day-St.Petersubrg 】


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發表主題: 20180430 【 International Jazz Day-St.Petersubrg 】   周日 五月 06, 2018 4:58 am

International Jazz Day-ST.Petersburg
Hear the sounds of jazz throughout one of Europe's most beautiful day

International Jazz Day kicks off in St.Petersburg, Russia , today.

UNESCO established the event and selected this beautiful site as 2018's host city.

St.Petersburg was chosen as a host city for its contributions to the development of jazz.

Russians first experienced this form of music in St.Petersburg in the 1920s.

It became wildly popular in the 1930s, and its popularity continues even now .

Today festival-goers can enjoy the music for themselves all around the city.

Concerts take place in some of St.Petersburg's most famous spots.

The historic and beautiful Mariinsky Theatre will probably be the most popular destination for events.

International Jazz Day always saves the best for last!

Well-known pianist Herbie Hancock will join other famous international musicians in St. Petersburg.

Together they will bring the festival to a close in grand style with an All-Star Global Concert.

Over 190 countries around the world will also celebrate international Jazz Day today.

That means that jazz lovers around the world can find organized festivals from Albania to Zambia.


kick off
The old machine was kicked off .

have a ball = have a good time
I have a ball learning English.

I had me a ball at eh party last night.

Global warming is the serious problem all around the world.

Save the best for last! (把最好的留在最後)

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20180430 【 International Jazz Day-St.Petersubrg 】

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