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 20180419 【 The Forgetten Science 】


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The Forgetten Science

Technology has changed the way people think about geography.

Travel is now easy.

The internet makes information simple to find.

We trust our phones to take us where we want to go .

Even National Geographic has expanded beyond traditional geography, but that doesn't less important.

Apps like Pokemon Go , food panda and Uber are obvious example of modern geography in action.

But geography remains important in more subtle ways, too.

Geography helps house hunters.

It solves public health issues.

It determines good locations for new businesses.

It is used to plan communities.

Like traditional geographers, modern geographers study many different topics.

That makes them well-suited for many different jobs and industries.

Today, geographers often have titles like " urban planner" or "data analyst."

And the world is noticing.

The number of graduates with degrees in geography is increasing.

Demand for geographers is also growing.

Maybe it's time for your to discover the forgotten science again.

How do i get from point A to point B?

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20180419 【 The Forgetten Science 】

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