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 20180404【 Technology and Mental Health 】


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Technology and Mental Health
How connected are we to good mental health?

Adults have always been concerned about new trends and how they affect youth.

Generation gaps exist because, as time progresses, new developments can lead to new attitudes and values.

But American professor of psychology Dr.Jean M. Twenge recently noticed something abnormal about the way this present generation of teens is developing.

According to Twenge, the qualities that characterize the attitudes and values of a new generation usually reveal themselves gradually.

But instead of a progressive expression of the qualities that define a generation , there was an abrupt shift around 2012.

Not only was it a change in attitude , but it also was a radical change in behaviour.

And it all centered on the time that smartphone ownership in the United States exceeded about 50percent of the population.

Twang argues that since the 1970s American culture has placed more and more value on individuality and independence .

But this generation of teenagers is suddenly less likely to leave the house without their parents.

she even found that 12th graders went out less often in 2015 than eighth graders did in 2009.

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20180404【 Technology and Mental Health 】

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