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 20180201 【 What is a Bully? 】


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What is a Bully?
Can jokes do more harm than people realieze?

Tony and Paul are high school students and best friends.
Many students, including Tony, like to tease a boy in their class named Bill.

Paul doesn't like the way Tony and others treat Bill.
He thinks they're bullying him and should stop.
Today he finally has an opportunity to discuss the topic with Tony.

Hey, Paul, look at how many people like and commented on my funny post about Bill.

That's post isn't funny.
It's just plain mean.

Of course it's funny.
If it weren't funny, why would so many people have liked it ?

A lot of students enjoy bullying Bill, so of course they go along when you do it.

My post doesn't bully Bill. It's just a harmless little joke.
Bill didn't seem to think it was harmless.
Did you see how upset he was when he checked his phone after class?

Bill is just too sensitive (+about/to).
He needs to learn how to take a joke.

tease (+about)
During his teenage years, he got teased by his classmates a lot because he was chubby.
The dog would bit you if you keep teasing him.

to do harm

Treat others how you want them to treat you.

play a practical joke

go along
The student claimed that all of his friends were cheating on the test, and he just went along with them.

harmless vs harmful
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20180201 【 What is a Bully? 】

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