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 20180123【 How to keep the work 】


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How to keep the work

First week
The new employee can learn by observation what is appropriate workplace behaviour and follow that example.

New workers are famous for trying to learn the whole business at once.

They try to do the impossible and are embarrassed to ask questions.

If you make a mistake, don't hide it.

Those who have been around have made the same mistake and know how to correct it.

Doing personal business on work time is always questionable.

Doing this as a new worker gets you off on the wrong foot.

First three months

Many business have probation periods of various lengths.

Companies that require probation periods may have mid-point sessions where the worker can learn how they are doing.

Those who don't have formal probation periods of feel the worker should prove themselves in the first three months.

There is a danger in thinking you are home free once you pass probation.

After some time the novelty wears off and the job is no longer exciting .

People have the capacity to make any job interesting or boring.


You're embarrassing me by praising me constantly.
Sophie felt embarrassed when she was in the spotlight.
It's embarrassing that i couldn't remember the host's name.

He is notorious for late.

go the extra mile

The probation period of our company is tree months.
Charlie is still on probation , but his boss likes him a lot.
The judge gave this delinquent a two-year probation.

The novelty of the new toy car wore off in a few days, and Bill went back to palying with his Legos.
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20180123【 How to keep the work 】

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