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 20180113 【 Maolin's Purple Butterfly Valley 】


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Maolin's Purple Butterfly Valley

As soon as we arrived in Taiwan, i began asking about Maolin.

No one seemed to know much about it, but still , i was determined to go there.

Taking the train to Kaohsiung was easy, but the next part was less straightforward.

Through forums and blogs, we learned that we could take a bus to Qishan and then another bus or taxi to Maolin.

Finding the way was a little tricky, but we did it.

The highest concentration of butterflies arrives in Maolin Valley between December and January, so we went around Christmastime.

As soon as we got out of the taxi at Maolin, we started swarms of butterflies.

People on the trail told us that the number of butterflies was unusually low for that time of year , but that was hard to believe!

There were so many.

We watched in amazement as clusters of butterflies landed on single flowers.

Everywhere we looked there were butterflies - literally thousands of them!

Maolin's butterflies are just one of the island's treasures!

Very seldom can you have such an incredible encounter with one of nature's prettiest creatures - the butterfly.

Many amateur composers share their work in this music forum.
The government will be holding a public forum for people to discuss this proposed health insurance policy.

We were photobombed in that picture.

You can find a cluster of brand-name stores in the centre of town.
The fountain is surrounded by clusters of flowers.

The "up-side-down cake" is literally upside down.

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20180113 【 Maolin's Purple Butterfly Valley 】

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