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 20180101【 New Year's resolutions 】


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New Year's resolutions

It's January 1, the day when many people around the world announce their New Year's resolutions.

In theory, a new year should be the time when people change their habits.

In practice, it doesn't work that way.

There are some advantages to choosing January 1 to start new habits.

For one thing(for another), it comes right after several holidays.

And for many people, holidays are associated with (link) food, often food that isn't very healthy.

After a month or so of lots of eating , people begin to realise that they need to change.

It's no wonder that losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions every year!

While many people's desire to change is real, most New Year's resolutions don't last all year, or even all month.

One survey indicated the average resolution only lasts three and a half weeks.

For many, an honest resolution might be: "I will eat healthy food until i start craving dessert, and then i'll go back to eating normally."

make a resolution to ...

Ring out the old year and ring in the new year.

After a cold and snowy week , people craved warm sunshine.

craving for
This gifted child has a strong craving for knowledge.

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20180101【 New Year's resolutions 】

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