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 20171127 【 Just a ball and some walls 】


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Just a ball and some walls
Pick your favourite of these simple sports

If you like bare necessities and a good tennis rally, there are a few sports you should try.

None of them require much more than some walls , a ball and something to hit it with.

The format

In truth, in addition to the walls you need for these games, you also need a floor with some lines.

They provide a structure for players - a server and a receiver.

The server hits the ball against the front wall, bouncing it back to the receiver.

The receiver must return the ball to the wall before it bounces twice, starting the rally.


For this game ,you'll use a short-handled racket and a 5.7-centimeter-in-diameter rubber ball that bounces.

When serving, stay behind the service line and in front of the short line .

After hitting the front wall, the ball must pass the short line before it bounces or is hit.

During the rally, one of the sidewalls , the back wall or ceiling can be used with the front wall.

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20171127 【 Just a ball and some walls 】

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