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 20171111 【 Daisy Ridley Shoots for the Stars 】


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Daisy Ridley
Shoots for the Stars

No quick and easy path

Calling for five daily hours of fitness and stunt practice, DR's training for her roles as Star Wars' Rey was exhausting.

But this could not prepare her for the emotional and mental experience of her first day on set.

"I was petrified. I thought i was going to have a panic attack on the first day ," she said.

But she soon found a friend in fellow newcomer John and a mentor in Princess Leia herself, Fisher.

stunt / stuntman /
The motorcycle stunts in this action movie were breathtaking.
He designed and performed the stunts in most of the movies.

The huge German petrified the little girl, and she kept on screaming and crying.
Rachel was petrify when she saw a snake crawling across the path in front of her.

enroll in
Kate successfully enrolled her daughter in the prestigious private school.
Professor Smith is a very popular teacher.Over 500 students enrolled in his class last semester.
The Force will be with her always
The success of RD's first theatrical film was one for the record books, earning the third highest gross income of all time worldwide.

The sequel, The Last Jedi, will follow next month, but Ridley has another eagerly awaited project coming even sooner with Murder on the Orient Express.

In addition , Ridley has enrolled in courses for a degrees in psychology.

But none of these things will change her realization that " your life goes on,and then your life goes on plus Star Wars."

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20171111 【 Daisy Ridley Shoots for the Stars 】

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