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 20171107 【 The sights and sounds of Kyoto 】


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The sights and sounds of KYOTO

We continued exploring with a trip to Ginkaku-ji, Silver Pavilion.

Classical Japanese architecture,a garden with ponds, bamboo trees and a view over Kyoto provided a pleasant afternoon.

In late afternoon, we strolled along Shimbashi, which some say is the most attractive street in Asia.

Ladies in kimonos and men in traditional dress added a distinct Japanese flavour to our walk.

Our third day, we took in Kyoto imperial Palace Park in the heart of Kyoto.

While the palace itself is not particularly grand , the grounds have an amazing variety of trees.

My desire to see a Japanese castle was fulfilled by a visit to Nijo Castle, which was surrounded by stone walls and moats.

Built in 1603, the castle became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

If you like manga style, don't miss the Kyoto International Manga Museum.

The 300,000 manga books along with original artwork and exhibits telling of manga's historical development make it a worthwhile visit.

Our brief look into Kyoto left us tired but wanting to return.

The fort was built with a deep moat to protect it from enemies.

The abandoned castle's moat was drained of water.

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20171107 【 The sights and sounds of Kyoto 】

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