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 20171102 【 The sights and sounds of Kyoto 】


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The sights and sounds of KYOTO
It is too close not to go.

Even though it is only a hop,skip and a jump away from taipei,my husband and i had never visited Japan.

So we decided it was time.

We took a long weekend and ventured into a land of elegant gardens, interesting buildings and beautifully dressed geisha.

Kyoto is a great walking city , and we proved it by racking up about 15 kilometres the first day.

First, we strolled through the gardens of Myosin-ji.

This led us to Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion, a dazzling, gold-plated building reflected in the nearby pool.

The entire setting with autumn-colorer trees took our breath away.

From there we headed down the hill to Ryoan-ji, one of the symbols of Kyoto.

This peaceful-looking rock garden, displaying 15 magical rocks, has existed since 1450.

A little barbecue house in an enchanting alley of the Gion District provided a delicious dinner before we fell into bed.

The next day we hiked Kyoto's top tourist site-Fushimi Lnari-Taisha.

Its thousands of vermilion gates lead you up a 4-kilometer-long wooded , mountain path.

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20171102 【 The sights and sounds of Kyoto 】

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