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 20170619 【 Is college for everyone? 】


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Is College for Everyone?
Are college degrees required for success?

Greg runs into Peter, who is studying in a coffee shop.
Hey, Peter. I'm going to the movies tonight.

Do you want to come?
Thanks , Greg, but i can't.

I'm studying for the college entrance exam.
Shouldn't you be studying?
Oh, the entrance exam.

I'm not really concerned.

Why not?
Well, I'm not very academic.

I'm not planning to go to college.
Whoa! You aren't going to college?
How will you ever get a good job?

Going to college gives you book knowledge.
It doesn't give you the skills you need to succeed.
Well, college students do internships to get valuable job experience.

True,perhaps you do develop skills.
But you don't usually get paid.
Why waste your time with an internship when you get paid to work?

You will never be able to find a really good job without a college degree and an internship.

You're exaggerating.

I know lots of people who have great jobs without a college degree.
Well, your earnings will be higher.

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20170619 【 Is college for everyone? 】

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