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 20170524 【 Bridges of the World 】


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Bridges of the World

Asia-Akashi Strait Bridge

Those who have crossed this bridge know it's the world's longest suspension bridge.

Its nearly 2000-meter span crosses Japan's Akashi Strait.

Before it opened in 1998, travellers crossed the strait by ferry.

Plans for the bridge were made when two ferries snack and killed 168 in 1995.

After 12 years of construction , the bridge still stands strong against typhoons, earthquakes and more.

Australia-Sydney Harbour Bridge

Trains,cars,bicycles and people all cross this Aussie landmark.

It's the largest steel arch bridge and uses 53000 tons of the metal.

Varying temperatures cause the bridge's steelwork to rise and fall
by as much as 18 centimetres.

Australians have given it another name based on its shape:"The Coat Hanger."

Sydney Harbour Bridge is also used in many shows during national holidays.

It's clear that Australians take pride in the bridge and not just for the sake of convenience.

All bridges are structures of beauty and culture that actually do bring people together.

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20170524 【 Bridges of the World 】

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