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 20170209 【 The Iaisalmer Desert Festival 】


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The Jaisalmer Desert Festival

One of the festival's most popular events is the Mr.Desert competition, where judges assess contestants' moustaches, which are seen as a sign of honour.

Visitors to the festival are allowed to take pictures with winners and sometimes even judge the contest.

Another traditional sign of honor is the turban, so the festival also includes turban-tying demonstrations, which present turban-tying as an art as it can be done several ways.

Of course, no festival is complete without food and shopping, and the Jaisalmer Desert Festival has plenty of both.

Local dishes are available for hungry guests to enjoy.

Craftsmen from around the region bring their wares, including everything from skirts to rugs to camel ornaments.

If all the activity in the festival becomes too much for people, they can go and explore the ancient walled city of Jaisalmer.

Dating back to the 12th century, the city is dotted with old sandstone buildings, some of which are covered with intricate carvings.

The desert around Jaisalmer blossoms with a flourishing culture including music, art and even dancing camels.

The intricate details of the wedding gown caught my eye.
Many tourists were confused by the city's intricate subway system.

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20170209 【 The Iaisalmer Desert Festival 】

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