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 20170208 【 The Iaisalmer Desert Festival 】


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The laisalmer Desert Festival
India's Golden Gity celebrates its culture with costumes,crafts and camels

Every year jaisalmer, India, comes alive with a dizzying array of music, dances, crafts and competition of all kind.

Singers, dancers and specially decorated camels participate in the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, which honors the regional culture of Rajasthan.

The festival begins with a procession as members of every local family enter Jaisalmer's main stadium wearing colourful traditional costumes.

From then on, the area in and around Jaisalmer bursts with sights, sounds and flavors.

Almost any time during the festival, you can hear Rajasthani folk music, and if you follow the sound , you may come across traditional dancing as well.

Two of these dances, the Gair and Fire dances, are among the festival's most popular events.

The festival offers musicians great prestige and an oppoutunity to introduce their music to an international audience.

But not all the performers at the festival are human.

Camels covered in ornaments , including necklaces called gorbands,  compete in a contest for the best-dressed camel.

The animals participate in races, camel polo and even a camel dance.

And if you want to meet some of them up close and personal ,you can take a camel ride.

The restaurant serves a splendid array of fresh seafood.
We were amazed by the vast array of stores in the mega-sized shopping mall.


A long line of many fancy cars formed the wedding procession.
Our customer service department has dealt with a procession of complaints all day today.


This glass Christmas tree ornament was bought in Venice.
The ornaments display in the garden are mostly handmade.
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20170208 【 The Iaisalmer Desert Festival 】

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