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 20161214 【 Increase Your Creativity 】


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發表主題: 20161214 【 Increase Your Creativity 】   周三 12月 14, 2016 1:03 pm

Increase Your Creativity

Take risks

Don't let fear hold you back.

You won't succeed at everything you tr.

But with each new effort, you will boost creativity, build self-confidence and develop new skills for the future.

Look for inspiration

Activities such as listening to music,going to museums and traveling all provide sources of inspiration.

Limit your amusement

Everyone enjoys entertainment, but watching TV, for instance, requires little thought and can actually diminish creativity.(couch potato)

Literature and audiobooks are better forms of amusement because they force you to use your imagination.

Create a treasure chest

Begin a collection of things that inspire you, from photos to trinkets to favourite quotes.

Each time you open your box, you should receive a fresh surge of inspiration.

Go offline and go outside

Remember how much fun you had as a child running, playing and pretending?

Your imagination simply soared.

Natural settings stir the imagination and can help you capture some of that creative energy from your childhood.

You don't have to dread creative blocks since there are many ways to make a creative breakthrough.

Julio sells trinkets outside the train station.
Nora keeps the trinkets her friends give her in a jewelry box.
Ella bought this cute trinket from a flea market.

I must be a genius because nobody understand me.

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20161214 【 Increase Your Creativity 】

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