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 20161212 【 The Christmas Poinsettia 】


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The Christmas Poinsettia
Nothing says Christmas like a poinsettia

Whether in pots or gardens, the flame-red poinsettia plant announces that Christmas is coming.

Native to southern Mexico, the plant was associated with purity by Mexican Aztecs.

But the poinsettia has now become a popular Christmas decoration.

An old legend brought poinsettias and Christmas together:

Once upon a time, a poor Mexican girl named Pepita and her cousin Pedro walked slowly to church on Christmas Eve.

Pepita was very sad because she had no gift to give to Jesus.

Pedro tried to console her.

"It doesn't matter what you give Jesus as long as it is given in love," Pedro said.(It's the thought that counts)

Not sure what else to do, Pepita picked some weeds from alongside the road and tied them together.

She felt very embarrassed when she arrived at church and laid them near the nativity scene.

But suddenly the weeds became bright red flowers.

From that day forth, poinsettias were known as " Flowers of the Holy Night."

The star-shaped leaf is often a symbol for the Star of Bethlehem - the star that led the wise men to where Jesus had been born.

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20161212 【 The Christmas Poinsettia 】

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