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 20161201 【 The story of Ludwig van Beethoven 】


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The story of Ludwig van Beethoven
The value of giving

Long ago, the Beethoven family lived in Germany.

The family liked to sing and play instruments.

So when the Beethovens had a , they wanted him to be a musician, too.

Ludwig's grandfather used to take him for walks.

One day they went into a church and sat down and waite.

Suddenly the church was filled with a wondrous sound.

"What is it?" whispered Ludwig.

"The organ,"his grandfather answered.

Then a rich voice rang out.(ring out = loud and clear)

"And that is your father," said Grandfather.

"He could be a great musician if he didn't drink so much." (alcoholic)

One day Ludwig saw a peculiar instrument in their house.

He touched the keys.

"It's wonderful!" cried Ludwig.

When Ludwig realised his father was behind him, he was startled.

"I am sorry, Father," he said.

"When i touched the keys and beautiful sounds came out, i couldn't stop."

For once, his father didn't shout.

"That is a clavier. I'll teach you to play it, " he said.

But really he was thinking of a young musician named Mozart.

"Mozart was a child prodigy and made a lot of money. I will make sure that Ludwig becomes a prodigy, too." he thought.

George's peculiar fashion taste made him an outstanding designer.
The peculiar smell of the herb repels mosquitoes.
It's peculiar that the customer service department didn't receive any calls of complaints today.

ulterior motive

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20161201 【 The story of Ludwig van Beethoven 】

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