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 20161121 【 The Tiger's Teacher 】


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The Tiger's Teacher
Who learned the most - the cat or the tiger?

Tiger was strong. Tiger was fast.

But Tiger was loud and clumsy.

With all of his strength and speed, he still had trouble catching small animals to eat.

Every day, Tiger left his home to hunt.

Many nights, Tiger came home with no food to eat, and he often went hungry.

One morning as Tiger went out to hunt, he saw Cat chase and catch a mouse.

Cat was fast and graceful.

Cat moved quietly and easily caught her prey.

"If only i could move like that," thought Tiger.

He went to Cat."Cousin," stated Tiger.

"Would you give me lessons so i might learn to move as you do?"

"How do i know that you will not use the skills i teach you to hunt me for your dinner?" asked Cat.

"My dear cousin," said the Tiger.

"Do you think i would ever hurt a family member?

How could i ever hurt someone i am related to ?

If you help me , i will become your protector.

I will never allow anyone to harm you."

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20161121 【 The Tiger's Teacher 】

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