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 20161116 【 Cruising on the Disney Dream 】


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Cruising on the Disney Dream
Exploring the Bahamas Disney-style

My dad had spent months mapping out our Bahamas family vacation aboard the Disney Dream, and finally,here we were - taking pictures with Captain Mickey!

From the minute we set foot on the ship, we felt like honoured guests ready for a magical adventure.

The ship was packed with activities for all ages.

Schedule were delivered to our staterooms each evening to make sure we were knowledgeable regarding all of the options awaiting us the following day.

It was difficult to plan what to do because there wasn't enough time for everything.

There were recently released Disney movies to watch, live music to enjoy,games to play,photos with Disney characters to take and more.

Each evening we made sure to be in attendance for the musical in the Walt Disney Theater showcasing Disney characters.

Of course, the Dream wouldn't be a Disney experience without an amusement park-style ride on board.

The ship's upper deck was outfitted with a clear waterslide called the Aquaduck.

The thrilling ride took us on a breathtaking course all over the ship an even out over the ocean!

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20161116 【 Cruising on the Disney Dream 】

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