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 20161107 【 Parting Company 】


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Parting Company
Telling someone they no longer have a job is never easy

Having to dismiss an employee is not a very pleasant task for anyone in management.

Whether the reason is poor performance or company downsizing, the duty is an uncomfortable one.

Not many managers, however, are trained to handle layoffs, and they should be. (lay off  v.s. fire)

Training helps make delivering the bad news less frightening because a manager has a procedure to follow.

There is no right time to tell someone they're losing their job.

But doing it on a Friday allows the person to have the weekend to deal with it.

I've been looking at our overhead, Brad,and it's too high.

We need to lay off some employees.

That won't be easy.

I know. But in order for the company to remain profitable, we have to.

Who are you thinking of laying off?

Fred, for one.

He just isn't interested in learning new things.

He's also been talking about taking early retirement.

We might be doing him a favour by laying him off.

My thoughts exactly.

I was laid off.
I was shown the door.
I was sacked.
I was canned.
I got the axe.
I got the boot.
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20161107 【 Parting Company 】

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