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 20161104 【 The Waverly Pilot 】


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The Waverly Pilot
In one ear and into the other

Technology seems to be advancing daily, but the Pilot by Waverly Labs, the world's first translation earpiece, might be a truly huge step forward for communication.
(a step in the right direction)
The product

Though the Pilot is still very much in development, the product will be sold as two earpieces and a smartphone app.

When first released , the technology will translate between only five European languages - English, Spanish , French, Italian and Portuguese.

The earpiece has microphones to isolate the speaker's voice , after which the speech will be sent to the app.

The app runs speech recognition,machine translation and speech synthesis processes before sending the new speech to the listener's earpiece.


The Pilot is joining other translators like Skype Translator and Google Translate , but it's the first to add earpiece to the concept.

The added convenience of these will make the device useful in several social spheres,particularly business and travel.

While sales meetings and tourism may be revolutionised by the Pilot, the desire to communicate with a foreign crush inspired Waverly Lab's CEO to develop it.
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20161104 【 The Waverly Pilot 】

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