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 20161031 【 The Paradise of Palau 】


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The Paradise of Palau

Palau promises amazing sights under the sea

This island group soaks up the sun in the southwest Pacific.

The 250 islands of the Republic of Palau features stunning natural beauty.

Scuba divers , sea kayakers and snorkelers, in particular, are drawn to the island's marine wonders.

Colorful fish swim in the blue depths and around the vivid coral.

On our trip , my husband and i had our first experience on a " Liveaboard."

This ship cruises around the islands for seven days and nights.

These trips are mostly devoted to diving , but it gave me a chance to snorkel to my heart's content.

It was an adventure we were happy that we didn't pass up.

I never got tired of being a spectator in such a vibrant underwater world.

But don't spend all your time in the water.

Land tours and small museums await you, too.

The town of Koror offers interesting shopping.

And if you wish to look down on the Pacific, take a spin in a helicopter - with no doors!

If the sea is calling you , heed the call and head to Palau!

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20161031 【 The Paradise of Palau 】

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