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 20161024 【 The call of Croatia 】


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The Call of Croatia
Enjoy cities,sea and song

There is truly something for everyone in the nation of Croatia in southeastern Europe.

The islands

Those who love the ocean and a slow pace will fall in love with Croatia.

It boasts over 1000 islands in the Adriatic Sea along its coast.

Though the choices are endless , many desire to visit the island of Pag.

It's famous for its parties but also features a resort and a carnival.

A bridge from the European continent makes it very easy to get to.

Hvar is also a popular island with its fragrant fields of flowers and good weather.

Some hotels offer discounts if it rains and free rooms if it snows.

The parks

Croatia is also home to eight national parks, including the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes.

It's noted for its 16 colourful lakes and a series of waterfalls.

Paklenica National Park offers something completely different - a landscape that doubles for the Old West.

Its wild lands are perfect for both mountain hikes and nature walks.

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20161024 【 The call of Croatia 】

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