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 201601020 【 Drone Racing 】


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Drone Racing

A high-tech , high-speed sport is taking off

Your heart pounds as buildings and other drones race past you.(pounding heart)(fluttering heart)

Another drone slams into an obstacle in front of you.

But you avoid it and cross the finish line.

You remove your goggles and hear the crowd cheering.

This is drone racing, an increasingly popular high-tech sport.

Pilots steer their drones through obstacle courses from a safe distance using joysticks.

They wear FPV goggles that stream video from cameras mounted on their drones.

FPV stands for "first-person view" because these goggles let pilots feel like they are the drones.

Many drone racers begin by building, flying and modifying drones at home.(modification)

But now several groups around the world are setting up drone racing leagues where pilots can compete.

Drones move so quickly and travel so far that it is difficult to watch them, so races have trouble attracting spectators.

One league solves this by filming the events and posting edited videos online.

At an event sponsored by another league, the drones glowed with coloured lights , and large-screen TVs gave viewers an extra angle on the action.

Drone racing may not be well known yet, but that doesn't change pilots' love for the thrill of flight.(gain momentum)

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201601020 【 Drone Racing 】

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