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 20160809 【 A Few Olympians 】


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A Few Good Olympians

Serena Williams

Rated as the top female tennis player, her name is one you're liable to recognize.

Williams has so many Grand Slam titles - winning all four in a row but not in the same year
- that she has her own slam: "the Serena Slam."

She's had to swing through many obstacles, including defeat, health problems and controversy,to accomplish this.

But these setbacks have made her all the more hungry for gold at her fifth Olympic Games.

She'll be defending there singles title as well as her doubles title with her sister Venus for their third games.

Robert Scheidt

Rio 2016will be a special year for this Brazilian sailor for more reasons than one.

At 43,he's the oldest competing Brazilian athlete, and he's gone on record saying that this will likely be his last Olympic outing.

It will also be his sixth after five previous medal-winning turns, starting in Atlant 1996.

Best of all , however , is that Scheidt has the the privilege of enjoying his final Olympics in his home country , an opportunity he described as "magic."

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20160809 【 A Few Olympians 】

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