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 20160804 【 The international: DOTA 2 】


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The International: DOTA 2

While not athletes in the usual sense, Dota players are very committed to the game.

Professionals practice about eight hours a day in addition to strategically planning their matches with teammates.

Barely possible a few years ago, professionals today are even able to make money playing video games.

Some universities have even started awarding athletic scholarships to gamers.

Yet, for all the planning and practice required of players.

Dota is far from predictable.

The humblest team can rise quickly while the favourite to win can experience a sudden fall.

Pride goes before a fall.

The new Dota season

Some great news for Dota players and spectators is the development of a year-long period of competitions.

Dota has one tournament each season leading up to the summer international.

This past year, the Fall Major was held in Frankfurt, the Winter in Shanghai and the Spring in Manila.

The first year had its fair share of bumps and bruises, but the future is bright.

With fans and players growing in numbers, the sixth international can only be hugely successful.

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20160804 【 The international: DOTA 2 】

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