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 20160718【 The Story of Will Rogers】


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The Story of Will Rogers
The value of humour

Will Rogers entertained people and made them laugh, often at themselves.

He had a very good sense of humour ; it helped him to like people more.

In fact he once said, " i never met a man i didn't like."

Will was born in the late 1800s in Indian Territory, called Oklahoma today.

His father and mother were both part Cerokee.

Later in life, he said,"My ancestors didn't come over on the Mayflower.

They met the boat.

Will's parents owned a farm.

Like most children , he liked to play and have fun instead of doing chores.

Don't take yourself too seriously!!

When Will was sent away to school, he got into trouble several times because he liked to play with his rope.

After he roped a teacher , he had to change schools.

His new school was a military school where the rules were strict.

All the students liked to listen to him talk.

He won a medal for being the best speaker in the school.

One day he ran away from school and got a job as a cowboy on a ranch.

But being a cowboy was hard work, so he decided to try another job.
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20160718【 The Story of Will Rogers】

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