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 20160628【 GUAM: more than just a vacation 】


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GUAM: More Than Just a Vacation

Scuba diving in Guam definitely took my experience to a whole new level.

The waters were warm and crystal clear.

On one dive, i saw an airplane that had last flown during World War II.

On another adventure, we explored the Pagat Cave.

A short but steep hike down some cliffs took us to this amazing natural wonder.

We took glow lights to penetrate the darkness of the cave.

Inside the cave, we found a pool of water sitting in complete darkness.

After leaving the cave, we took a short hike through the jungle where we came upon the ocean.

Keen hikers, we also made the trip to Siqua Falls.

We hiked through the desert, waded through mud holes and climbed up steep hills.

We had to crawl over logs and cross streams.

At the end of the trail, a beautiful waterfall tumbled down the rocks.

When most people think of Guam, they probably think of tropical beaches.

But i will always remember Guam as a place of outdoor adventure where my brother and i were reunited.

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20160628【 GUAM: more than just a vacation 】

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