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 20160610 【 Moving up the world】


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Moving up in the world
What can you do to move up to a better job?

Not everyone likes their job well enough to work at it for many years.

People want new challenges and to move up to better things.

How can they be noticed and get promotions?

Postive work behavior is key.

These positive behaviours can be as simples as dressing nicely and being on time - every day.

They also include going the extra mile and covering someone's work when they are sick.

Or volunteering to do a task no one enjoys.

Working with positive people is preferable at any level.

Brad stops by Nicole's desk.

Hey, You don't look very happy.

I'm not. I'm feeling useless today.

All i do is answer the phone, show people into Mr. Wang's office and smile a lot.

Anyone can do that.

Don't sell yourself short.

You arrange Adam's schedule, which is a huge job,and you handle all his correspondence.

And you do have a very nice smile.

Thanks. But my smile can't hide the fact i'm in a boring, unimportant job.

I have no chance of getting ahead here.

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20160610 【 Moving up the world】

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