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 20160602 【 Summer Movies 】


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Summer movie

Nemo, the cute little clownfish that got lost in the animated hit Finding Nemo, is back.

But this time he's not finding his way home.

He's helping Dory find her family.

In this summer's Finding Dory, Nemo and his father travel with Dory.

Along the way, they meet many interesting sea creatures.

The classic story of a man raised by apes returns this summer.

The Legend of Tarzan is the latest version of the story.

Audiences first saw the tale in a silent film in 1918.

In this latest film , Tarzan is enjoying life in London.

But he is called back to his jungle home to check into the activities at a mining camp.

Giants walk at night in The BFG.

One moonlit night, a little orphan named Sophie sees the Big Friendly Giant from her window.

He takes her home with him.

The giant looks scary, but he is kindhearted.

He refuses to eat human "beans" as other giants do.


You can't ____ a book by its cover.

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20160602 【 Summer Movies 】

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