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 20160528 【 The Forgotten Faroes 】


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The Forgotten Faroes

Remarkable wildlife

While enjoying the natural features of the Faroes, many also hope to see wildlife,particularly birds.

Catching a glimpse of the rare puffin is often a goal on the island of Mykines.

Its tiny population makes it a welcome place to migratory seabirds such as the storm petrel.

The world's largest colony of this seabird also makes a home in the Faroes.

A nighttime boat ride to the colony is the best chance of spotting these birds as they fly only at night.

Some birds are much easier to catch sight of , however - you might even have to watch your step!

Black-backed gull chicks
and Eider duck eggs can be found on the green meadows of Svinoy.

All kinds of other birds can be seen in flight overhead as well.

But the greatest location for bird watching might just be the Vestmanna bird cliffs.

Birds gather on the 600-meter heights while tourists float below in boats.

This is also the perfect place to take part in the Faroes' primary industry - fishing.
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20160528 【 The Forgotten Faroes 】

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