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 20160526 【 The Forgotten Faroes 】


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The Forgotten Faroes
Great gifts in little packages

Just a short flight from the United Kingdom lie Denmark's Faroe lslands, 18 "hidden" isles of striking nature and culture.

Memorable country

Many tourists go to the Faroes to enjoy the region's breathtaking geography, which is often reachable by brief hikes.

Just 45 minutes on a winding path takes people to a little caller lighthouse,which offers a view of five islands.

The islands' highest peak, Slaettaratindur boasts a view of not only several other islands but, on a clear day, iceland.

Rock and land formations are also of great interest in the Faroes.

A famous sight is the Risin and Kellingin sea stacks, two rock columns rising out of the ocean.

Legend claims that they were a giant and a witch who turned to stone when they were trying to steal the Faroes.

Another unique spot in the Faroes is the archipelago's largest lake,which is a popular spot for boat rides.

The lake filters directly out into the ocean by the 35-meter Bosdalafossur waterfall.

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20160526 【 The Forgotten Faroes 】

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