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 20160505 【 The story of Charles Dickens 】


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The story of Charles Dickens
The value of imagination

Charles Dickens was born in 1812.

His father was a clerk in southern England.

He wasn't paid much, so the family lived in an old , rundown house.

Then Mr.Dickens lost his job, so they moved to London.

Mr.Dickens still couldn't find work and went deep into debt.

One day the police showed up and asked Mr.Dickens if he could pay his debts.

When Mr.Dickens said he didn't have enough money, one policeman answered that he had to go to debtor's prison.

With no one to support them , Mrs. Dickens and the children, except Charles, moved into prison with their father.

Even though Charles was only 12 years old , he got a job in a dirty , black shoe-polish factory working 12-hour days.

He scarcely made enough to buy bread and rent a bed in an old room.

Charles wondered what would become of him.

Desperate , Charles' father studied shorthand .

When he received some money for a relative, he paid his debts and got out of prison.

He then got a job as a court reporter.


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20160505 【 The story of Charles Dickens 】

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