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 20160418 【 Health Care by Robot】


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發表主題: 20160418 【 Health Care by Robot】   周一 4月 18, 2016 2:26 pm

Health Care by Robot
Taking personal health care to the next level

Many people who saw the movie Big Hero 6 immediately fell in love with Baymax.

He's a big, friendly robot that takes care of people's health .

Imagine a robot like Baymax as a personal health care companion in real life.

He would be especially useful in caring for the growing elderly population.

The health of senior citizens needs greater monitoring and care - as well as a softer touch.

At Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania , scientists are working make Baymax reality.

Chris, a professor in the field of robotics, leads the research.

He and his team actually inspired Disney filmmakers to create the soft, lovable robot.

Heath care robots aren't quite as advanced as Baymax yet .

But people can still personally manage their health at home through convenient apps.

Existing apps can check a person's heart rate and remind them to take their medicine.

Some apps can monitor a person's blood pressure and perform other valuable functions.

The information collected by the apps can make a diagnosis faster and more accurate.

Like Baymax , these apps may end up saving lives.
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20160418 【 Health Care by Robot】

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