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 20160414 【 Jessica Chastain】


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Jessica Chastain

Ages and wages

Chastain has never been very forthcoming regarding personal information about herself - particularly her age.

It's not vanity that brought her to this decision but the awareness that age can severely limit an actress's career.

Age isn't the only glass ceiling though - only 12 percent of 2014's top-grossing films had female leads and much has been said of the gender wage gap.

Chastain offers her own opinion: " I want to see women out there, and i want them to be equally compensated for the work that they do."

Coming attractions

Chastain is keeping up the hard work as she has at least three films set for release in 2016.

This month, audiences can see her playing a proper warrior in The Huntsman Winter's War.

Later , she will play a leading role in The Zookeeper's Wife and shelter people in the Warsaw Zoo after the Nazi invasion.

But there's one role she particularly wants to play: "People ask me if i want to be a Bond girl, and i say,
"No, i want to be the villain," i'm waiting for that call!"

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20160414 【 Jessica Chastain】

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