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 20160328 【The importance of People Skills】


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The importance of People Skills
Managing others well takes good people skills

Individuals with good people skills know how to communicate ideas effectively.

They know how to resolve conflicts and achieve personal and business goals.

They also manage their emotions and don't let them interfere with their professional relationship.

At Owl Media , Adam appreciates good people skills.

Adam, I'm a little worried about Dean.

Our writer Dean Black? Why?

Well, he's always been a bit hard to work with.

But lately he seems worse.

I just talked to him about some of his writing.

He was quite indignant when i told him it needed work.

But scripts often need revision.

Dean knows that.

Well, I think he may be upset because we passed over him for that production team manager job, remember?

Yes, i remembered.

We both felt he wasn't mature enough to handle it.

And judging by how he's reacting , i guess we were right.

True, Unfortunately, he has no idea why we made that decision.

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20160328 【The importance of People Skills】

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