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 20160325【 Easter Memories 1 】


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Easter Memories
How one American family celebrates the resurrection of Jesus

When i was in high school , Easter began when it was still dark.

I awoke before dawn when my mother knocked on my bedroom door.

I was so excited that i didn't complain about rising early.

I sang in my church's choir, which was going to participate in the early Easter service.

This was the most important service of the year because it celebrated Jesus' resurrection.

My family arrived at church just as the sun rose.

Many American churches have sunrise services on Easter.

That's because on the third day after Jesus died, a group of women went to his tomb at dawn.

An angel met them and proclaimed that Jesus was alive!

A group of children kicked off the Easter service by running through the church shouting, "He is alive!"

Then trumpets , hand bells,the organ and the choir filled the building with joyful music.

Afterwards , I heard for home feeling joyful and inspired.

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20160325【 Easter Memories 1 】

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