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 20160302 【World Design Capital 2016- Taipei】1


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發表主題: 20160302 【World Design Capital 2016- Taipei】1   周三 3月 02, 2016 1:52 pm

Taipei's officials chose the slogan,
"Adaptive City - Design in Motion" and spent the next three years in preparation.

Planners considered how to deal with limited resources and how design could help bring citizens a better quality of life.

They also thought about ways to create a forward-looking city.

In the end, sixteen projects were selected .

They address problems associated with life quality and health, eco-sustainability and smart living.

In 2013 the city began introducing the projects one by one.

One project uses smart technology to improve bus shelters, bus stops and traffic signals.

In another , designers are working to make neighborhoods more attractive with creative store signs,etc.

A city-wide, people-oriented walking system is being developed.

Meeting a great need, a "health and happiness park" provides many resources for senior citizens in the Taipei Expo Park.

This year various large and small events will take place in halls, MRT stations, coffee shops and on street corners.

Indeed, throughout the year, design inspiration will pop up all over Taipei.

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20160302 【World Design Capital 2016- Taipei】1

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