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 20160222 【Stop Procrastination!】


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Stop Procrastination!
Putting off things can cause problems

At Owl Media, every day is busy.

It takes a lot of work to run an office and develop innovative products.

Usually, everyone does what they're supposed to do when they're supposed to do it.

Sometimes, however , they put things off.

The reasons vary, but the results are same: problems.

A few months ago, Adam hired Brad Matthews to help run the business.

The two men are walking around the office discussing a visit from potential investors in a few day's time.

So, do you think these men will invest in Owl Publications?

I think so - if they're impressed.

They won't be impressed by those ugly stains on the carpet!

Why are they there?

Well, uh, it's my fault.

Our janitors tried to clean them , but they won't come out.

I had Nicole call for some quotes on new carpet.

But they were very high.

I meant to talk to you weeks age, but i put it off.

I knew you wouldn't be happy about the cost.

Well, i'm not happy for potential investors to think we work in a pigsty!

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20160222 【Stop Procrastination!】

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